Our Mission

To provide quality care to all patients equally in an environment that is compassionate, welcoming and accepting. We pride ourselves on having an outstanding team comprised of qualified team members who have goals that align with the vision of our organization. Our unique approach to providing a supportive and work environment allows us to create and continue to provide the ultimate patient experience.

The Karavos Group formed in 2008 and has continued to grow since. Currently with twelve locations, our group intends to continue expansion and foster growth. We truly enjoy the advantages of having multiple locations, however we treat our doctors, team members and patients individually and have separate entities for each clinic. We use our knowledge and vast experience in the dental industry to provide excellence as a service provider and health care provider. We also take pride in having practicum students, mentorship and helping others excel in the dental profession.

Dr. Karavos and his team are continuously taking courses and upgrading our education and technology on a regular basis. In addition the team spending time participating in team building events and working together to improve our cohesiveness to work together to provide the best experience possible for our patients, co-workers, vendors and anyone else who comes into our practices.

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